EJ-FG13U Waterproof Battery Coulometer 8~120V Round Battery Monitor

//EJ-FG13U Waterproof Battery Coulometer 8~120V Round Battery Monitor
EJ-FG13U Waterproof Battery Coulometer 8~120V Round Battery Monitor

Project Description

Product overviews:

EJ-FG13U is a kind of high precision current type battery coulometer, which can test the voltage, current and capacity of the battery to help users know the state of the battery in real time. It’s suitable for mobile and portable equipment, electro-mobile, forklift, balance cars, cleaning machines, instruments, measuring equipment etc…

1, working voltage DC: 8-120v. Wide voltage without the converter, directly connected to the battery.

2. Low power consumption: the power consumption is normally <12mA, and about 0.2ma when the screen is closed.

3. Percentage accuracy of voltage, current and electric quantity: 1%; Two-way current measurement with charging and alarm indication! Power off with memory!

4. The coulomb meter calculates the real power by integrating the high-speed sampling current, and can display AH, which is more accurate than the general voltage estimation and suitable for any battery pack. Especially for lithium iron phosphate battery effect is very obvious.

5. The screen can sleep automatically. The screen lights up automatically when the key or current reaches a certain value, and the current awakening sensitivity can be adjusted.

6. The following parameters can be set: battery rated capacity, battery current capacity percentage, battery alarm value, current zero, current correction, voltage correction, display mode, backlight mode, current range, current wake sensitivity. Meet various needs, power off with memory.

7, automatic learning capacity function, deep charge and discharge can learn the real capacity AH.

8, working temperature -30– 80 degrees, LED display, high and low-temperature resistance, fall resistance, sun resistance!

About the options: how much A refers to the battery rated discharge current size. Check the power of your device and calculate the current. Select close range. Bigger is not better! General family electric car choice 50A is enough, electric motorcycle large power modification enthusiasts calculate their own current, generally more than 75A or 150A! For example, an electric car: motor 2000w, the battery voltage 72V, motor power divided by the battery voltage about 30A is rated current, then buy 50A. Can exceed the range in a short time. It is recommended that the long-term rated current is within 80% of the range, and pay attention to the solid connection and cooling space of the shunt! The price of the coulomb meter already includes the corresponding shunt and 2.5m shielded wire!

Applicable specification:

EJ-FG13U is suitable for lithium batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries, and lead-acid batteries which voltage is from 6V to 120V.


EJ-FG13U dimension

Connect the shunt:

Cut the total negative line of the battery. String the shunt into the negative pole. Pay attention to the direction. The large screw on the side of the thick black line of the current signal is connected to the negative pole of the battery. The battery discharge and charging current must pass through the shunt. When charging and discharging, the coulomb meter cannot be powered off.

Notes on the use of lithium battery wiring:

1. If the lithium battery protection board is abnormal ( separated charged and discharged port), disconnect the lithium battery and connect the shunt into the negative pole of the battery and the negative pole of the protection board!

2. If the lithium battery is the same port protection board, the shunt can be connected to the battery protection board output negative pole.

Communication functions:

This coulomb meter can be optionally added with communication functions. Can add TTL232, RS485, RS232, RS485 and RS232 are TTL232 conversions, so RS485 and RS232 will have one more adapter board. The TTL232 will have the TX RX line identified. The coulomb counter can send data periodically or accept commands to reply data.